June 15-30 and August 15-30, 2024: Semi-Annual Aerification Process - Please be advised that nine (9) holes will be available for play with course recovery to follow.
A special 50% OFF per round will be offered during this time. A 20% discount will apply to our standard rates during the 10 days following the treatment.


Discover the beauty of Mexico’s only TPC golf course, TPC Danzante Bay, a place so serene it was named the World Golf Awards’ Best Golf Course in Mexico (2020) and Latin America (2019). This 18-hole masterpiece challenges the top courses in the world and showcases the splendid vistas of Loreto Bay.

Nestled on the rolling hills of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula near the historic town of Loreto, Mexico, this stunning, world-class site will raise the bar on your golf experiences. With 18 diverse and challenging holes that traverse arroyos, dunes, foothills, and valleys, you’ll be forced to hone in your skills, all while soaking in the beauty of Loreto.

From every angle, you’ll find awe-inspiring views of the Islands of Loreto and the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range that will leave you speechless, making this Baja golf course as challenging as it is rewarding. Each hole of the front and back nine at TPC Danzante Bay is a unique experience, and it all culminates in the striking cliff shot at hole #17, one that will simply take your breath away.

TPC Danzante Bay is a prime amenity for guests and homeowners at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa, a full-service destination resort community that shares its property with the Loreto golf course.



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