The Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards recognize and honor kitchens around the world that have curated a distinguished collection of bottles to highlight and complement menus. At these wine destinations, every part of the dining experience is perfectly crafted to bring out signature flavors, making each meal noteworthy and memorable. This year, Danzante Fine Dining at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto has received the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2021. Whether you’re celebrating something special or simply enjoying the bliss of being on vacation in Loreto, Mexico, Danzante Fine Dining is the ideal spot for having a delicious meal while sharing a bottle of wine.

Wine Spectator is a leading lifestyle magazine devoted to bringing readers the latest news on vineyards and restaurants and recognizing destinations and dining rooms around the world. The judges at Wine Spectator examine distinguished wine destinations with a stringent list of requirements to find the best of the best for their awards. The wine lists at these establishments must offer at least 90 selections that highlight the restaurants’ cuisine and appeal to a variety of patrons. The selections should also highlight regional wineries and quality producers. When submitting their lists for the Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards, sommeliers must include vintages and appellations in a neat and elegant presentation. This process helps separate restaurants that have merely an extensive list of wines to those who have a distinguished collection designed to pair with their menu and flavors. After a year of such unprecedented challenges for the restaurant industry, the winners of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2021 have shown true dedication and a passion for their craft.

Danzante Fine Dining is the most elegant restaurant at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, the city’s leading resort, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find such a complete wine menu here that it has won multiple Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards over the years. The list has been curated by sommelier Oscar Torres to complement the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, pairing well with either the restaurant’s fine cuts of steak or freshly caught seafood. As you sample different tapas with clams and tuna or enjoy the mouthwatering combination of mint and habanero in the Lamb and Shrimp entree, your waiter can help you discover the perfect bottle to make your evening complete. Here in Loreto, you’ll be able to sample the unique flavors of wine from the Valle de Guadalupe region in Baja California. Located just south of the California border, this area has recently made a splash in the world of wine, becoming noted for its distinguished vineyards and creativity. While Danzante Fine Dining has curated a collection from around the world, this nearby region is a unique star on the menu, and for travelers, the local selection is something not to be missed on a Loreto vacation. 

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply enjoy a good meal, put Danzante Fine Dining on your list of wine destinations to experience. Winning the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2021 distinguishes the restaurant from others in the region and celebrates the continued hard work that the Danzante team has put into continuing to serve guests exquisite meals and create memorable moments.

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