Massages aren’t just luxurious ways to pamper yourself. For centuries, they’ve been used as natural healing techniques, combining gentle movements and organic oils to deliver all sorts of massage benefits, ranging from improved blood circulation to reduced joint inflammation. At Sabila Spa in Loreto, Mexico, the array of massages incorporate practices from around the world. To experience the full benefits of massage, you’ll want to take the proper steps before and after your appointment.

How to Prepare for a Massage

Give Your Stomach Time to Digest

When you’re preparing for a massage, you’ll want to eat a healthy meal that won’t leave you feeling bloated. As you plan out your day, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to digest. Don’t eat too close to your massage so that you feel relaxed and comfortable at the spa.

Arrive Early

Some of the best benefits of massage are mental, giving you peace and clarity. One of the best tips for how to prepare for a massage is to arrive early. Rushing in at the last minute will leave you frazzled and stressed, taking away from the leisure of the moment. 

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

While you’ll be asked to undress when preparing for a massage, be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing. This will begin the relaxation process and make undressing easier. After the massage, if you’re feeling tender or just very relaxed, you’ll be grateful not to change into tight clothing. 


In the days leading up to your massage, drinking plenty of water is the most important part of how to prepare for a massage. When you’re hydrated, your body can more effectively cleanse itself and detox. Massages break up toxins, and when you’re hydrated, your body can naturally flush them from the body, improving the circulation of blood, nutrients, and oxygen throughout your body.

Communicate with Your Massage Therapist

When you book your massage at Sabila Spa and show up for your appointment, it’s important to have open communication with your massage therapist. Let them know about any health issues or any specific areas you want them to focus on when preparing for a massage. Since many massage benefits come from the oils used, you’ll also want to let them know about any allergies. Throughout your treatment, continue to communicate any discomfort. Without this, your massage therapist won’t be able to give you all the benefits of massage. 

What Should You Do After a Massage?

Stay Hydrated

The list of what you should do after a massage is similar to preparing for one. You’ll want to stay hydrated as the effects of massage continue to flush out toxins. Because massages are naturally dehydrating, drinking plenty of water will get rid of any toxic buildup. 


Even though you might think that your relaxation ends when you walk out of the spa, your mind and body need to take it easy for a while. Participating in strenuous exercise or heavy mental tasks too soon can undo some of the massage benefits. 

Don’t Shower

If you think about what you should do after a massage, you might feel a need to shower the oils off. A massage uses warm oils with natural properties that are good for your skin. Showering removes these oils before your skin has had a chance to properly absorb them. It’s best to wait at least an hour after your appointment before hitting the shower.

Schedule Your Next Massage

If you’re vacationing at Sabila Spa, you might be able to fit multiple treatments into your vacation, but if not, you’ll still want to make plans for your next appointment. Consult with your massage therapist about how much time you should allow between sessions.

Which treatment to get isn’t the only thing you should consider about how to prepare for a massage. Take time to relax and hydrate before your appointment, and you’ll also need to look into what you should do after a massage. Allow yourself to continue to relax and hydrate before showering and changing out of your comfortable clothing.

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