Avid golfers have discovered how the game combines the tranquility of nature with the technical challenges of the course and the skills needed to succeed, and there’s no place where the thrill of this game is more alive than the course at TPC Danzante Bay. It’s not just one of the best golf courses in Loreto, Mexico, but it’s one of the top in the world, regularly receiving awards and recognition from professionals in the industry. This impeccable course was designed by the legendary Rees Jones to showcase the natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula while giving golfers a chance to test their skills. After winding through the canyons and mountains behind the city of Loreto, the back nine heads towards the sea, and while it has some of the most scenic views that will leave you feeling awe-struck, it will also require your attention to be on par. Familiarizing yourself with the back nine before you tee off will help you make the most of your game.

Hole 10
Par 5 | Handicap 12

At this point, you’ll be halfway through the course, but the challenges of TPC Danzante Bay aren’t over yet. Surrounded by the water, mountains, and desert, hole 10 requires a long drive to get over the natural sand bunker. To make it to the green, hug the left side of the fairway, avoiding the small pond on the right.

Hole 11
Par 4 | Handicap 1

To make it to the wide landing area on hole 11, you’ll need to tee off with a long drive. This hole is bordered by water on the right and sloping mountains on the left. Once you’ve made it past these barriers, you’ll be on the smooth putting green where you can take your time to enjoy the scenic beauty that makes this one of the best golf courses in Loreto, Mexico.

Hole 12
Par 5 | Handicap 3

These final holes have spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez, and as you make your way to the beach, hole 12 runs alongside Villa del Palmar Loreto where your family can wave from their balcony. This par 5 is filled with challenges and dotted with dunes on the left. While the green by the beach seems nice and wide, there are subtle contours and slopes that will affect your incoming shot. Once you’ve sunk your ball, take a moment to savor the view of the sea and the Islands of Loreto.

Hole 13
Par 3 | Handicap 15

While the views along the beach on hole 13 are inspiring, the sand dunes provide technical challenges that will test even the most skilled players. As you soak up the unforgettable view of the Sea of Cortez, pay attention to the slight left-to-right angle of hole 13. 

Hole 14
Par 4 | Handicap 5

Hole 14 has an incredible tee off from a cliff overlooking the dunes, but be careful. The fairway isn’t as gentle as it seems. Bordered by a grassy hollow on the left and a bunker on the right, it slopes downward to a wide landing area before rising up to the green. As you take in the sweeping views of the sea and mountains, you’ll need to focus on your shots to play this hole smart.

Hole 15
Par 4 | Handicap 11

After playing along the ocean, you’ll head back into the mountains on hole 15. This left-to-right dogleg passes through a narrow gap in the mountains to approach a broad landing area. With the green’s strong backdrop, players can strategize how to approach it, watching out for the trough cutting through it.

Hole 16
Par 4 | Handicap 13

This short, narrow par 4 is perhaps one of the most challenging holes, but if you’re familiar with its design, you’ll know how to approach it. Hole 16 is a dogleg left with an uphill shot from an elevated green, but the mountains on the left can be used to funnel wayward shots back on track.

Hole 17
Par 3 | Handicap 9

Once you’ve made it to hole 17, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most iconic views of all the golf courses in Loreto, Mexico, a spot that entices golfers from around the world to make their way to TPC Danzante Bay. The putting surface sits high above the sea, giving you an elevated view of the Islands of Loreto and the green. After snapping a photo, take careful aim to reach the putting green that sits on a cliff with sheer drops that go 250 feet down to the water.

Hole 18

Par 4 | Handicap 2

After snapping photos on the green of hole 17, it’s time for some phenomenal last views on the longest and sharpest downhill at TPC Danzante Bay. The best strategy for this final challenge is to aim away from the outcropping of rocks on the right and for the fairway bunkers. As the fairway slopes downhill, approach the putting surface from the ramp that sweeps up on the right. After your final put, celebrate your successes at Casa Club Restaurant, raising a glass and making plans to improve your next round on the course.

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