If you are new to the game or are just honing in on your skills, figuring out what golf club to use for each shot can be a bit intimidating. The average golfer carries 12-14 different clubs with them on the course, a number that causes those just starting out to balk. Between woods, wedges, drivers, putters, and irons, figuring it all out can be a daunting task, but with this guide to golf clubs, you’ll be on your way to learning enough about the game to get you started.

What Golf Clubs Do I Need?

Many first-time golfers often find themselves asking “what golf clubs do I need?” and for good reason. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know what the best golf clubs are and which you’ll need to start with. Clubs can be expensive, so before you go all in and break the bank, get yourself a few of the most essential items and start from there. In your beginner bag, you’ll want a driver, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a putter, a 3 wood, and a 5, 7, and 9 iron to get you started. 

What Golf Club to Use for Each Shot

Figuring out how to know which golf clubs are best for you in each moment takes time and practice, but this list should get you started. 


When you approach the tee, the driver is the club you should reach for first. They are designed to drive the ball far into the distance when hit from a tee, helping you to get closer to the pin. 


There are a few different numbered woods, each that offers a different range of distance, but all woods can be used versatily off the tee, on the fairway, or in the rough.  A good rule of thumb to remember is that the larger the number of the fairway wood, the shorter the distance it drives the ball. A 3-Wood, for example, will give you 125-240 yards, whereas a 7-Wood will give you between 90 and 170 yards. 


Golfers usually have a number of irons in their bag and knowing what golf club to use for each shot usually depends on the distance you are aiming to hit. The same rule applies for irons as it does for woods: the larger the number iron, the shorter the distance, with a 2-iron usually hitting 105 to 210 yards and a 9-iron for 55 to 135 yards. 


When you’re asking yourself “what golf clubs do I need?,” a hybrid is probably a safe option. They provide the best of fairway woods and irons in one single club, giving you increased control without compromising distance. 


Use this club when you’re approaching the green at a distance between 50 to 120 yards. 


This is the club you’ll need when your ball falls in a bunker, or sand pit. 


This is the club you’ll use once you get the ball onto the green. Take it slow and easy so as not to add strokes to your score. 

How to Know Which Golf Clubs Are Best For You

Finding the perfect clubs for you is all about the fit. Before you buy anything, speak to a professional at the shop where you’re purchasing your equipment. They should be able to send you in the right direction, fit you to the best clubs for your body type and experience, and fill you in on your must-haves for the game. 

What Are the Best Golf Clubs?

Figuring out how to know which golf clubs are best for you often depends on your level of skill and experience. The more you learn about the game and the more practice you have, the better understanding of what the best golf clubs are for every situation. 


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