TPC Danzante Bay has been featured in every major golf publication in the US, and with celebrities and influencers posting pictures from its stunning greens, you’ve probably heard of this Loreto Mexico golf course. It’s won a number of awards and was even named the Best Course in Mexico in 2020 by the World Golf Awards. While you’re probably familiar with the natural beauty and technically challenging design that makes it one of the top golf courses in Mexico, there are a few surprises to discover when you finally play through the course, like these four things you may not know about the TPC golf course.

The Putting Course Was Inspired by Himalayas Putting Course

TPC Danzante Bay stands out from other golf courses in Loreto Mexico because it’s more than just an 18-hole course. The facilities include an on-site pro shop, luxury clubhouse, and a nine-hole putting course, the perfect spot to warm up and practice some drills. The expansive putting course was inspired by the famed Himalayas putting course in St. Andrews, Scotland. In 1867, the putting area was added to the Scottish course for women who were venturing into the sport and paving the way for other female athletes. Here in Loreto, you’ll have a view of the Sea of Cortez as you putt and practice.

You Can Finish Golfing or Take Off on a Hike

The TPC golf course winds and curves its way through the canyons and mountains that surround Loreto, and if you want to explore the natural environment further, you can step off the course and start hiking through the mountains. At the 17th tee, there’s an entrance to one of the three hiking trails that are maintained by Villa del Palmar at the Island of Loreto. If you’re traveling with family or friends who aren’t interested in golf, this hike is a great way to show them the spectacular views of the course.

You can Spot Whales While Golfing at TPC Danzante Bay

After playing through the mountains, you’ll golf back towards the ocean and tee off at breathtaking viewpoints. However, it’s not just sparkling waves that you’ll see. From January through April, golfers can spot whales breaching the surface of the water and splashing their tails in the air. Blue whales, fin, humpback, orca, pilot, and sperm whales spend their winters in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park to give birth and raise their calves. The best time to spot them is in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

TPC Danzante Bay Showcases the Natural Beauty of Mexico

When Rees Jones designed the TPC golf course, he was very intentional to respect and take advantage of the natural environment or Loreto, and considering the tropical weather, the course is planted with paspalum turf throughout, a turf that’s very tolerant of salty and humid breezes from the ocean. As Rees Jones and the Villa Group owner Owen Perry looked at designs and walked the area, they decided to take the course up to the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez, creating the iconic 17th hole. As you play through the course, you’ll see the local cardon cactus absorbing moisture through its needles rather than its roots, and during construction, plants that need to be removed were simply relocated and transplanted throughout the course to maintain the natural landscape. Golfers also often spot roadrunners, birds that can reach speeds up to 42 kilometers per hour, as well as foxes, rabbits, raccoons, chipmunks, gophers, and even mice. 

Getting the chance to play at one of the golf courses in Loreto Mexico is the ideal vacation, and when you experience TPC Danzante Bay, you’ll discover these unique features and maybe even a few more secrets. With tempting all-inclusive packages at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto that include rounds of golf and spa treatments, there’s no better time to book your next golf getaway.