To cool off from the warmth of the Mexican beach, grab a table at one of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants or chill in a lounge chair by the pool, and there’s nothing more refreshing to sip on than one of the resort’s signature cocktails. Their fresh juices and bold flavors capture the warmth of Mexican culture as you kick back and soak up the ocean breeze on vacation. Once you return home, you can mix up these cocktails in your own kitchen, instantly taking you back to your home away from home and giving you the vacation vibes you’ve been missing.

1. Lumato

Mexican cuisine is full of heat and spices, and the Lumato combines this with fresh juices for a bold cocktail. Perfect for while you’re cooling off in one of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants or relaxing at home on a summer day, the Lumato has a unique combination of flavors that captures the tropical energy of the beach.


3 slices of cucumber 

4 basil leaves

1 oz lime juice

¼ of a jalapeño

2 oz vodka

1 oz simple syrup

21 oz Sprite




Remove the seeds and veins from the jalapeño.

In a blender, puree the cucumber slices, jalapeño, basil leaves, lemon juice, Sprite, and vodka with ice. 

Rim your glass with tajin, pour, and garnish with an additional cucumber slice.

2. Maiia Chiringuito

Famous around the world, tequila is Mexico’s signature liquor, and on your Loreto vacation, you’ll be able to sip a variety of cocktails featuring different Mexican tequilas. The Maiia Chiringuito, a signature cocktail at Villa del Palmar Loreto, is the perfect choice for savoring tropical citrus flavors and Mexico’s tequila blanco.



1 ½ oz tequila blanco

1 oz simple syrup

2 orange wedges 

8 peppermint leaves

1 oz orange juice

3 oz mineral water



At the base of a glass, muddle the slices of orange with the peppermint leaves.

Pour in the white tequila, simple syrup, orange juice, and mineral water.

Mix together, and serve with ice.


3. Tequilajito 

If you’re having a BBQ and grilling on a summer day, the smokiness of roasted pineapple pairs with the crisp freshness of mint for a combination that’s tropical and delicious. With Mexico’s signature tequila, it captures the warmth of the local culture and the bold cuisine of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants. 



1 oz lime juice

1 oz simple syrup

1 ½ oz pineapple juice

3 leaves of mint

1 slice of grilled pineapple cut into triangles



Roast a slice of pineapple on the grill or stovetop.

Marinate two triangular slices with the lemon juice and mint leaves.

While they marinate, mix together the tequila, simple syrup, and pineapple juice in a separate glass.

Combine it all, and serve with ice.

Garnish with an additional slice of pineapple for an extra smoky touch.


Bring the signature cocktails of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants home with these recipes, and you’ll have vacation vibes on any summer afternoon. As you sip your drink, you’ll be instantly transported back to the beaches of Loreto, and until you can return again, these cocktails will make you feel like you're on your own vacation.

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