Baja California is lined on all sides by strikingly beautiful beaches that attract travelers from around the world, and in the small town of Loreto, Ensenada Blanca is a tranquil spot for relaxing in the sand or diving under the waves. It’s one of the beaches in Loreto where there’s plenty of room to spread out and play. It’s located in front of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, where you can make your way for a beautiful day in the fresh ocean breeze. There are so many reasons why this is such a beloved spot on the coast, and when you visit, you’ll feel the magic of the beach.

1. Ensenada Blanca is located at the southern end of the Loreto Bay National Park in the community of Ensenada Blanca. The Loreto Bay National Park was established 1996 to protect the community’s most valuable natural resource, and it encompasses nearly 800 square miles of the Sea of Cortez. Being located along this preserved marine zone makes the waters of Ensenada Blanca truly serene and sparkling.

2. Ensenada Blanca is a fishing village with beautiful beaches and rock formations. The community of Ensenada Blanca thrives off of the rich abundance of the sea, and at the edge of the beach is a boat ramp used by local fishermen. As you cast a line out here, you’ll be able to sit back and soak up the rugged beauty of the mountains and rock formations by the beach.

3. Its location is easily accessible for world travelers. Even though it feels like a secluded spot hidden from the rest of the world, you don’t have to drive far from the town of Loreto to get here. It’s easily accessible from the main road, and with the international airport in Loreto, travelers from all over the globe can bury their toes in the sands of Ensenada Blanca.

4. The beach has calm waters – perfect for swimming. The waters are also shallow, which makes Ensenada Blanca perfect even for younger swimmers. Parents can easily relax on shores while watching kids splash and play in the water.

5. The water is perfect for all sorts of aquatic activities. In the calm waters, you can easily keep your balance while paddleboarding or discover life under the sea while snorkeling. The clarity and stillness of the water at Ensenada Blanca makes it one of the best beaches in Loreto for kayaking, scuba diving, and canoeing, or you can simply stretch out or take a stroll on the beach.

6. The water near Ensenada Blanca attracts many marine mammals. Because it’s a protected marine zone, these animals can safely play and raise their families. When you look out to sea, you just might spot dolphins, seals, and whales, but to see them up close, book a sailing excursion.

7. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto offers amenities for guests to enjoy Ensenada Blanca. Members and guests of the resort can sit back and relax in sunbeds or deck chairs, and there’s plenty of beach umbrellas to protect your skin. Explore the ocean with the resort’s water sports equipment before cooling off at the beach bar.

8. From this beach, you can take in views of Danzante Island and Carmen Island. While you can sail out to explore these islands and discover the most secluded beaches in Loreto, you can also take in their rugged beauty from land. As you look out to sea, Danzante Island is on the left, and Carmen Island is to the right.

When you visit Ensenada Blanca, the rugged beauty of the mountains and the calm tranquility of the sea make you feel like you’re in paradise, and whether you stay active while paddleboarding and swimming or simply relax in the warm sand, it’s the perfect spot for your vacation.

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