In recent years, Loreto has become known as a luxury destination in Mexico where traditional coastal charm meets world-class hospitality. The city has a rich history and warm culture, and even if you’ve been lucky enough to vacation here, there’s always something new to discover. Get to know this tropical destination better with these 10 facts about Loreto, Mexico.

Did you know that Loreto…


1. Was nicknamed “The Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau, a famous explorer and conservationist. In front of the city, the Sea of Cortez is the natural habitat for more than 80% of the aquatic life that lives in the Pacific Ocean, and snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the incredible things to do in Loreto that let you witness the wonders of the ocean.

2. Is nestled on the shores of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park. As the city began to develop into an international destination, the local community knew it was important to protect the environment that attracted so many travelers. The Loreto Bay National Marine Park protects almost 800 square miles of the Sea of Cortez.

3. Has the first and the best-preserved Catholic mission in the Californias. Established in 1697 by Jesuit missionary Juan María de Salvatierra, the downtown mission is one of the historic sites to visit on your journey, and in the next-door museum, you can learn more about the city’s unique history.

4. Is the only Pueblo Mágico, or Magical Town, in Mexico with its own international airport. This designation is awarded by the Mexican government to towns that have preserved their traditional heritage, and with an international airport, you can quickly and easily immerse yourself in the local culture of Loreto.

5. Was named the second best place in the world for kayaking. With its calm waters, kayakers can easily explore the shoreline. Be sure to bring a snorkel with you so that you can hop out and discover more of the ocean’s beauty.

6. Has been recognized as one of the top eight places in the world for paddleboarding. Because paddleboarding requires a great deal of balance, the smooth waters of the Sea of Cortez make it easy to learn and enjoy this activity. 

7. Is visited every winter by blue, grey, and humpback whales. Between December and April, sailing out to spot these massive animals splashing at the water's surface is one of the top things to do in Loreto.

8. Has become a world-famous destination for sport fishing, and with a variety of tropical fish found throughout the year, it’s always a good time to cast a line. In Loreto, fishermen regularly haul in mahi mahi, tuna, and roosterfish.

9. Is close to some of the best-preserved ancient paintings in canyons and caves. These artworks date back to 7,500 years ago, and while it takes a while to get to the remote site, these tours are the best things to do in Loreto if you want to dive into Mexico’s ancient history.

10. Is home to TPC Danzante Bay, the only TPC golf course in Mexico. This course has been named Mexico’s Best Golf Course by the World Golf Awards for three consecutive years, and it’s just as technically challenging as it is naturally beautiful.

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